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Payday VS Credit Card and What is APR?

Vivus UK hit the streets to find out how clued up Brits are on APR and on their understanding of the difference between payday loans versus credit cards – with many left surprised and their attitudes to payday loans altered #ChangingPerceptions

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What is APR?

Vivus UK hit the streets to ask Brits, ‘What is APR?’ only to discover that while many people understand they pay it, they don’t understand what exactly it is nor what it stands for. Do you know what APR is? No? Click here to find out!

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Payday Loan VS Credit Card

Vivus Loans UK took to the streets to find out savvy the Brits are on the difference in payday loan lending VS credit cards. The results surprised even us! Watch the video here.

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Are cash conscious Brits really making the best borrowing choices?

From the expensive bill you didn’t anticipate to the holiday you need a little help paying for, we all have times when we struggle to make ends meet and it is a long wait until pay day. Of course, there are several avenues to take when this happens, but new online...
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Responsible Lending

Look at any lender’s website now and you’ll see they describe themselves as a ‘responsible lender’. But what does that actually mean? In the past, some lenders would give people loans and assume they’d worked out that they could afford to repay them. You’d be given a...
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Single Payment Loans

A single payment loan is a pretty straightforward product. Rather than spreading the repayments and paying interest over a longer period, you agree to pay back the loan and interest in one instalment. This means you clear the debt quickly and keep interest charges as...
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Short Term Loans

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